Scotch Club

We’ve created our Scotch Club here at the Scottish Thistle!

It’s $15 to join, and it gets you a punch card (shown) with 28 of our Scotches listed on it. You also get one of our black Scottish Thistle T-shirts, they are so incredibly soft! We get them printed right here in Piqua at Atlantis.

We have selected one of our Scotches to be our Scotch of the Month, and all patrons receive 10% off, and our Scotch Club members receive 20% off the Scotch of the Month.

Once you have punched all of the Scotches on your card you will receive an etched scotch dram, specially designed for our Scotch Club members and not available for sale to the public. And the final perk of finishing your Scotch Club punch card is you get 20% off one pour of Macallan 25, which right now we are retailing our 1.5 oz dram for $300, which is a great deal!

To date, we have sold two drams of Macallan 25 and they both have said it was completely worth the $300, so for the rest of us in the club, it’s goals to get there!

We plan to have some fun activities for our Scotch Club participants, and if you have ideas for the Club that you haven’t already told us, grab Tim or Janelle when you are in and let us know. We’re excited to see where this Scotch Club takes us!